Sunday, July 28, 2013

Currently : July

Watching - Doctor Who (Season 6) and rewatching The Waltons (Season 1) I couldn't care less if it's the cheesiest show ever. I love it. 

Reading - Demon by Tosca Lee and Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado

Listening - Cold Hard Want by House of Heroes and Phoenix by the Classic Crime

Feeling - Tired...I have a headache and am SERIOUSLY struggling to concentrate on anything!

Wanting - Fall 
A little over a week of Summer and I'm already craving fall..<3

Loving -
This quote

9 lovely notes:

Natalie said...

Love the Waltons, and I'm with you, let's get fall going!

Anonymous said...

I like that's better to be alone than with the wrong person (and I was alone for years before I found my husband)!

Jennifer said...

Yay! I've successfully pulled you to the darkside! You're a Whovian now! I'm ready for colorful leaves, crisp air, sweaters, and pumpkin-flavored things too.

Jessica Jean-Marie said...

Loving your new layout. The background is cute! My niece is obsessed with Doctor Who & she's been trying to get me into it. Seems like I'm always caught up in some other show though, lol. Love The Classic Crime & definitely cannot wait for Fall to arrive!

Lacey said...


I am so glad you aren't ashamed of watching the Waltons. I watched an episode the other day randomly and I wondered why I don't watch it more often. Haha. It's the best!

I think it's gotten to the point in the summer when everyone's gotten a little tired of it and are beginning to yearn for fall! Cause I wish for it too.

And I love the quote, too! So true. Preach it, sistah!

Niken said...

i've never watched any of that shows. i like to rewatch The Nanny over and over and i always laugh. hha.
lately i've been listening to The Constellation. love it.

i hope you'll feel better soon.

Veronica Joyce said...

Nice to see what you've been doing/feeling these days. :) I was inspired to post my own list too. Have a great weekend, Jessica!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

dr. who is the best show EVER!!!

Amia said...

I love that quote, I can relate so much.