Saturday, August 3, 2013

Woodstock 2013

It's August, guys! How did this happen? This year is seriously flying by. Crazy, huh?

Do you guys remember when I did the Woodstock 5k last year? Well, it snuck up on us again. I cannot believe it's been a year!

That's a comparison from last year. I don't look very different, but this year it took me 37 minutes! Last year it took me 46, so I'm proud of the improvement. I realize almost 40 minutes isn't exactly record breaking, but it broke my PR, so I'm proud! I can't believe how far I've come since last August. As I was drinking water today, "hydrating", I was thinking about how I used to feel SO accomplished after drinking one bottle of water. I am up to at least 8 cups of water a day, sometimes more. I've drank as many as 12! Which I'm not sure is healthy...haha. I used to drink a Pepsi with every meal. I ordered one today, for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I didn't even drink half of it. It tasted weird, but I knew it was a "good one", ya know...not too much carby water or too sweet. Just right. But it tasted like straight up chemicals!

I didn't mean to preach about water, but it's just a great habit to pick up! I never drank water until this year, so it's definitely something anyone can incorporate into their daily lives. Not saying sodas are necessarily bad. In moderation, I think it's fine to have one now and again. But water is just the best choice! Okay, so I'm not sponsored by water so I'm gonna quit advertising it...

My current 5k goal is to start doing at least one a month, so that I can beat my record next year! I plan to legitimately train for next year.

Emily and me // Me, Anna, and Jennifer // Me and Jennifer

Happy weekend!

6 lovely notes:

Niken said...

so beautiful. i love the golden light

Niken said...

glad that you had fun. hha, lately i have a new love for root beer. but i drink a lot of water too, so i think it's not that bad

Jennifer said...

I'm SO proud of you for all the healthy changes you've made this year, too! Drinking water is such a biggie, because I know how you used to love your Cokes and Pepsis. Really, the fact that you prefer water now is HUGE!

I'm still ridiculously proud of you for workin' it so hard yesterday at the race! You KILLED that first mile! Keep up the great work, keep training, and keep setting goals for yourself. I love you, and I'm so proud of you!

Lacey said...

Nice!! You girls are so inspiring. I've never ran a race or anything but I really want to now haha. Isn't water amazing?! Life-source, right there!

You look awesome by the way! Good job and keep up the hard work :)

Rosala said...

YAY for water!! :) I love it too!
Awesome job at the personal record. :) Are you unofficially running 5k's every month or are you signing up for them (officially)?

Amia said...

Congrats on your time and for drinking more water! I have signed up for my first 5k in September and I'm pretty nervous about it but it should be fun!