Sunday, August 4, 2013

Four More Things with At Four O'Clock

I was so excited when I read that Robin from At Four O'Clock was doing another "Four Things" blog challenge! I loved the first one, so today I'm starting Four More Things. Check out her great blog here.

Today's topic is four random photos from the past four years. Here goes:

2010 -

Me, Ricky, and Sarah waiting for fireworks on the 4th of July. This is a really random picture! haha.

2011 - 

This was a picture of me taken for a modeling competition. I didn't win or anything, but it was a fun experience anyways.

2012 -

Everyone always say I favor Kristen Stewart. So this is my dad wearing an Edward Cullen wig and me, haha.

2013 - 

One of my favorite doctors at work and me earlier this year!

7 lovely notes:

Robin said...

Thank you for participating. I look forward to reading your responses. :) I'm surprised you didn't win the modeling competition.

Jennifer said...

I love these! And I'm excited you're doing another one of these challenge thingies. They're fun to read!

Niken said...

you dad's a gem for doing that. and yes, k-stew might be your lost twin.

p.s : i chopped my hair off a few days ago. you're right. it felt good.

Ashley said...

I see the Kristen Stewart resemblance in your model picture, but I think you're much more beautiful! :)

Lacey said...

The Edward/Bella picture was HILARIOUS. Haha! You do favor Kristen Stewart, but honestly? You are way prettier!

Rosala said...

Haha! I love randomness and digging out old pictures. :) The Twilight picture is just great.

Natalie said...

haha! love the one with you and your dad (with Ed's wig on)