Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beach trip recap!

So apparently if I blog twice a month, I'm doing pretty good! As always, I have to recap. It'd be nice if I could just blog as life went along...but I am too slow. Here we go! Friday afternoon my sister, Jennifer and my BFF, Sarah headed south for the weekend. You know I have to take 35,000 photos. Here are some from the ride:

lol....Jennifer was trying to pose while staying focused on the road.
We finally arrived at our hotel, which was in downtown Mobile. I knew we'd picked the right choice when I saw the front doors!

I love me some history and this place felt like a different time period! It was gorgeous. It had a very European feel and the staff was fantastic! They were so nice. My only complaint was the complimentary shampoo was a sham and poo. And the shower was tricky...it was super easy to scald yourself! But I'm used to having not enough hot water here, so that was a nice change...haha. The hotel has only 40 rooms and every room's decor is different. Makes me wanna stay there 39 other times and get a different room every time.

Sarah and I were crazy bout some exposed brick wall...I want one!

The beautiful courtyard! It was foggy. We had a good time talking outside at night.
We visited two beaches during our trip. Gulf Shores, Alabama has been a favorite vacation spot in our family since my early childhood. It's a family friendly beach, with lots of good restaurants. I care nothing about bars and clubs...Just give me some shrimp, k thanks.

The second beach we visited was Pensacola, Florida. Oh my goodness...I am in love with this place. I would love to move there! Jennifer and I discovered this area during our trip last year. There is a 7 mile stretch with NO hotels, no power lines, absolutely nothing but beach. 

My car in the beach parking lot. It was clean so I had to get a pic...haha.
Okay, so that's it for trip photos right now. Sorry if we are friends on facebook because I already posted them! haha.

One other quick thing before I go. Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. I know, I know...no big deal really. But I wanted to do something different. I'm sick and tired of always being and looking the same. Sooo I chopped my hair off. Not a pixie, mind you. But I chopped quite a bit off!

What have you guys been up to this month? Can you believe it's almost August?! Ahhh...

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Laura said...

Those cloud pics at the top of the post are gorgeous!

I now need a beach vacation.

Happy birthday to you!
I love the hair!!!
Only 22!?!?! I feel old now. :)

Laura Amy said...

The skies in these pictures are phenomenal!
Looks like a brilliant trip :)

Amy said...

Happy {belated} birthday!!! :)
LOVE the new hair cut
Also (as i said on flickr) LOVE LOVE the pictures.
Looks like y'all had a great time!
I need to take a weekend vacation myself!

Robin said...

Beautiful pictures...and happy birthday, a date late. Your hair looks great!

Rosala said...

I'm loving that white brick wall too. Imagine that with instagram pictures ALL over it! :D

I have a few friends that went to Pensacola Christian College. Looks beautiful!

Also, now you can sing the Taylor Swift song... I'm feeling twenty twoooo. or something like that. :) haha

Natalie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Love the new hair look!) Glad you had a great trip =D

Veronica Joyce said...

Your photos are awesome!!! And i love love love your new hair cut! You are beaming with gladness.. :) Belated happy birthday, Jessica! Wish you more birthdays to come and countless blessings for you and your family all the days of your life. :)

Niken said...

the place you stayed in looks so cozy! lovely beach.

i'm thinking about cutting my hair off. i'm collecting my courage. you look lovely by the way

Lacey said...

eee so pretty! The beach AND you :) Seriously, the hair cut is perfect! Aaaaaaaaaandddddd.......

HAPPY HAPPY [LATE] BIRTHDAY!!!!!! If I lived in Ala I'd have baked you a cake :)

Kimmy said...

Happy late birthday!!! And beautiful holiday pictures! Looks like it was great! And I love the haircut! I've just had mine cut too, it feels so weird!
Kimmy x

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love your hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I love your hair cut! It is so cute! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your beach getaway has me green with envy, I wish I could have been there too!:D The pictures are phenomanal!!