Tuesday, July 9, 2013


First of all, I want to say thank you! You guys are amazing. I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I received from my depressing post. I wish you all were closer so I could just give each of you a big hug! Thank you!

Onto other things, July has proven to be a better month than June so far. I have gone to a new church the last couple of weeks and it has been great! On Sunday, the pastor preached on dealing with depression. While I may not be clinically depressed, I have spent a lot of time feeling down lately (as you are probably aware!) and his sermon was definitely something I needed to hear. It's pretty amazing how God can send you somewhere to hear something just for you. It feels coincidental, but I know it is Him working in my life.

Sunday night, my friend Sarah came over to our apartment and we planned a mini-vacation for my birthday!  It is going to be inexpensive because my sister is also going, so splitting the cost three ways will help out a lot! I am SO excited. I have been needing a getaway, and even if it's short, it's better than none! We have booked a room at the historic Malaga Inn, which is about an hour away from the beach. There are rumors that it is haunted...so we will see. That's a little scary for me. I have watched one too many episodes of Celebrity Ghost Stories...


 It's located in Mobile, which is a really beautiful city. I think Nicolas Cage is shooting a movie down there right now! Maybe we'll run into him, hmmm?

Anyways, be prepared for a heavy picture post coming up soon! If I can just make it through this work week, starting tomorrow and ending on Tuesday, I can go to the beach. I think I can...I think I can...

How is July treating you all?

10 lovely notes:

Jennifer said...

Yay! I'm excited about the trip as well! Maybe we will have our own story to tell when we become famous and can go on Celebrity Ghost Stories?

Also, I'm very glad you went to church on Sunday. I hope we've found a place we can get involved!

Robin said...

Beautiful place! I want to know if you see any ghost activity. Take pictures!

Lacey said...

Ah yeah! That place looks GORGEOUS, I am stoked for you guys. I hope you have a blast and I can't wait for those pics! Also super stoked you girls found a good church, that is an incredible blessing.

July has been pretty good for me. Sunday afternoon was pretty hard for numerous reasons, but otherwise God has been so present and I just love life.

Go, vacation! Be merry and I wish you well! :) haha.

Kimmy said...

Oooh! That looks so pretty!! :)
Kimmy x

Rosala said...

I love it when God has the preacher preach exactly what I need to hear.

Oh my goodness! That place is SO cute! Can't wait to see to see all your pictures. :)

Jessi Francis said...

so glad this month is going better for you! so exciting to have a mini vacation!
i'm off for 3 weeks after saturday so i'm holding my breath till then! planning lots of adventures before school starts again! :)

Amy said...

oh. my. goodness. GIRL that is gorgeous! I think y'all will have a great time and there is always something so refreshing about getting away for a little while!

Hopefully there are no ghosts roaming around.

Niken said...

i believe the best will fall into place for you on the right time :)

oh, vacation. i'm jealous already.

Veronica Joyce said...

Nice to know your July is doing pretty well. Hope you have a great time on your mini vacay... Looking forward to reading your vacation post (whether you see ghosts or not) :D

I'm having a pretty busy July, with school and office work piling up but all's been well. I hope good things keep coming. :)

Kristin @ w/milk and sugar said...

that hotel looks gorgeous! Have fun and have a happy birthday :)