Monday, October 21, 2013

Currently : October

I am going to try to fit a currently post in at least once a month. I like looking back and seeing how I've changed, even from just month to month. Plus it's an easy post that I can squeeze in during my work week, seeing as how I rarely do anything but work during that time. So here's October's!

Watching - Reign

Only the pilot has aired yet. Anybody else watch it? It seems to have potential. (Although there were a few questionable things...)

Reading - In the Grip of Grace by Max Lucado

Max Lucado "In the Grip of Grace"

I have read a BUNCH of Max Lucado this year. He has quickly become a favorite author of mine.

Listening - Daylight by needtobreathe

I still remember where I was the first time I heard "Don't Wait for Daylight". Good stuff! (Suggested tracks: ALL OF THEM!)

Feeling - Extremely tired, a little dizzy, and anticipating my Friday! (Which is tomorrow. The joys of 7 on/7 off!)

Wanting - One of these outfits.

FallLike this look for fall!

Loving - It's pretty generic for fall...but I am loving and craving pumpkin spice lattes! Oh my goodness. One a day isn't enough!

5 lovely notes:

Kristin Aldridge said...

I want both of those outfits!

Niken said...

i've never read any book from max lucado. will check him out. and speaking of that outfits...i want both!

Lacey said...

I didn't watch Reign... still stuck on Grey's Anatomy. haha! Was it good?? It looks interesting. You'll have to let me know if it picks up or not!

I *still* haven't gotten into needtobreathe. I can't even say I would recognize a song by them if I heard it. But you talk about them a lot so I think I should check them out! :P

Pumpkin spice... cliche by now, but for a good reason! They are delicious. Although, I've taken to the salted caramel mochas at Starbucks lately! Have you tried those?

Amy said...

loving those outfits.
and the show looks interesting i'll have to find the pilot to give it a little watch! :)
girl - I understand being super tired, bleh being an adult isn't always fun!
ps. love the new background on your blog!

Jennifer said...

I love this idea and want to steal it. This post is so wonderfully autumny!

I love those outfits too. Though the one on the right looks like a fashionable female Merlin.