Monday, May 27, 2013

Sometimes the greatest things in life are not things at all...

Today I decided to discuss some of the things in life that have shaped me. These "things" are really not things. They are people and experiences. I'm going to make a list of 5 people/experiences that have changed my life. These are in no particular order.

5. X-ray school. (experience)
Me and my wonderful classmate, Kristy.
These two years really matured me. I had to buckle down and study more than I ever have in my life! Working in a hospital, I was exposed to all sorts of trauma and for lack of a better term, gross stuff. I have seen countless broken bones, a few gunshot wounds, and I have been present when people died. I NEVER thought I would be doing this, but it's rewarding when I actually do help someone. I may not be a doctor, but it's a good feeling to know that I am contributing to the curing process. I try to treat my patients with kindness and I try to make them feel comfortable, because that's what they really need.

4. Former bosses. (people)

I have had 3 jobs in my life and I am going to discuss the bosses at my previous jobs. When I worked at a restaurant, the owner was great. She was a Christian woman who believed in equality and she was so respectful to everyone. It's definitely hard to find those types of people in the fast food business, trust me. I worked with my fair share of druggies...

The second job I had was at the hospital. I started this job as a student radiographer and worked until I graduated. I left only because a better job opened up in a physician's office. My boss at the hospital was awesome. He gave me a LOT of work to do, but only because he believed I could do it. He certainly pushed me to do my best, but I am forever grateful to him. I learned SO much from him!

 photo thomas.png
A horribly blurry picture of me and my former boss, Thomas.
3. My teachers at CCA. (people)

For my 9th and 10th grade years, I went to a small Christian school. The teachers there changed my life more than they will ever know. I learned so much from them, aside from academic lessons. My homeroom teacher, Mrs. Moore, was truly an inspiration to me. She taught me so much about my faith and about becoming who you are meant to be. Another teacher, Mrs. Hazel, really pushed me to my limits. She expressed an interest in my writing and even had one of my poems published in a book, not telling me until it was already published! She showed that she was proud of me and that meant so much.

2. Sarah and Roopa. (people)
Roopa, myself, and Sarah.
We don't talk much anymore, but these guys really changed me. I had very few friends in college, but when we met, we just clicked. We started hanging out all the time after school. I have never been this close to anyone before or since! We did SO many fun things together. They are both really great people who were positive influences in my life. Since I have joined the work force, I find that it is super hard to find positive influences now, but I am so grateful that I had them while in school.

1. Family Camping Trips (experience)
Me and my sister "driving" at Dollywood.
Some of the best memories I have EVER had come from when we went on trips as a family. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how much my family means to me. We have always been so close. My parents are who I go to for everything and my sister is my best friend. We took many trips to the mountains and the beach, to a lot of historical sites and museums, because really...we're just a bunch of nerds.

What is an experience or who is a person that helped mold you into who you are now? I'd love for you to share!

6 lovely notes:

Blake at With Every Beat said...

I love thinking about the small moments that have shaped my life. It's amazing how something that seems so small can completely change a person.

One person that really changed my life is my friend Nathan. He always believes in me and always knows what to say when I'm feeling down.

Kimmy said...

This is such a lovely post :) Your teachers sounded brilliant! :)
Kimmy x

Angela said...

I love that you said the boss at your first job! My husband and I manage teenagers for our job, a lot of whom are just working for the first time. We really feel like God is calling us to be intentional with them...I hope we can touch their lives like your first boss did with you!

Jennifer said...

It really is incredible how God leads us into all these jobs and schools and relationships with a plan in mind. He has everything so intricately thought out. Seriously, it makes my brain hurt when I try to consider the way He brings things and people into your life just when you need them. How he uses them to mold you in unexpected ways.

And I know He's used you to impact the lives of these same people on your list!

Niken said...

there are great stories Jess!
love them. i love your outlook on x-ray schools and your previous bosses. the toughest things make us stronger.

Ashley R said...

You are so right on with this. <3