Thursday, June 6, 2013

I want to thank everyone for the support I was given in my post from earlier today, but soon after posting I felt regret. I shouldn't have put my pain so publicly on the internet and I recognize that if the girl I was writing about would have seen it, it would have hurt her. While I certainly do not agree with the way she lives, I was being immature and quite rude to post an entire blog post dedicated to putting her down. I don't want to be perceived as unkind or uncaring, because I really do care about other people's feelings, and I would never intentionally hurt someone else! So I reverted my previous post to a draft and all is well.

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Anonymous said...

I respect your decision, but I still think the comment about "When you get a man" was cruel and immature.

srrraah said...

We all have times like this, Jessica. Choosing wise words is difficult.

Last night, my boyfriend and I read about learning to love someone you hate. Now, I can't say you feel hatred toward this girl, but my take away from the chapter was this:

Expressing actions of love toward someone does not require feelings of love; it is a choice to be loving to that person.

Perhaps you could find a way to express an action of love to this girl?

Also, going to God in prayer for her well-being may help. I have found (even when I really didn't want to have an attitude change) that when I prayed for the well-being of someone who I really didn't like, it became hard over time to stay upset with them. God changes hearts like that. ;)

Amy said...

Well i didn't read the post.
Soooooooooo i can't really comment on it.
But i think that was a wise decision to remove it just for looking out for others feelings, even if they weren't looking out for yours.
Honestly i have a few different "private blogs" where i can go to just vent, record my thoughts, and not worry about someone i know reading/finding it.
hahah that makes me sound weird whatever.

Lacey said...

You are so wise, my friend. I agree with you. I felt anger FOR you when I read the post, but I actually had a similar situation yesterday where I had to choose not to let my anger over someone dictate my actions.

Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

Kimmy said...

We all do slightly silly things sometimes, but it takes a good, brave heart to realise it and act on it and you definitely have a lovely, beautiful heart :)

Hope you're okay? :)


Rosala said...

I didn't get to read it, but I think you did make a wise choice, and that's really cool. :)

Niken said...

i didn't read that one, but you know, as what i call it when you emotionally drunk sometimes you just write things raw, just like that. and then you get emotionally sober and realize what that might cause. i do that. sometimes. but one thing i know for sure is that Jessice, you are one of the kindest person i've ever known.