Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four Things//Day Six

1) High School Graduation (2009)

I remember this night pretty vividly. Wearing my royal blue cap and gown, excited for the future,  and driving my beat up, forrest green Honda Accord listening to "Here I Go Again" by White Snake. I really did that, cliche as it may be. We went back to our house for an after party, where some stupid drama happened. I have hardly spoken to some of my best friends pictured below since that night. It's selfish, but that was supposed to be my night...and it was ruined.

2) Spontaneous 21st Birthday Beach Trip (2012)

This was SO much fun. My sister and I randomly decided that I deserved a vacation for turning 21. It was actually pretty inexpensive and there is just not much better than being at the beach.

3) RSJ Trip to Guntersville (2011)

My best friends from this time were Roopa and Sarah. We were SO close back then. We went to a town a couple of hours away to stay with Sarah's grandmother, and there is lake nearby. Lake Guntersville is so beautiful and that trip was a lot of fun!

4) The Biltmore Estate (2012)

My sister and I traveled to Asheville, NC after I passed my state registry exam. It was SO beautiful there. The Biltmore Estate is the largest house in America and the architecture is stunning. Expensive though! Still, I really enjoyed it.

3 lovely notes:

Lacey said...

Oh wow! That last place looks gorgeous! I reminds me of a house from the Pride & Prejudice era :D I bet you loved it.

Robin said...

I doubt that you are being selfish about what happened at the party; you must have your reasons, especially if it was supposed to be your party at your house.

Niken said...

i could never picture you as selfish. and that place in the last pic looks gorgeous