Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Awkward Years link up

Okay, so I wasn't a horrible looking kid. When I was really small, I think I was even cute.
But then...the awkward stage hit. It should not be called the "terrible twos", it should be the "terrible twelves". I mean, who looks good at twelve? These are SERIOUSLY painful to post! Hahaha. I was the epitome of awkward from about eight to fourteen, which seems to be most people's worst years. 
 If you are my facebook friend, you probably saw that I posted this :
We had the same hair. Exactly the same. Thanks, Mom.
 I wore that hat ^^ to church. The shirt is buttoned all the way. And those bangs? Wow.
I guess I thought, hand in the pocket? Not awkward enough. Go ahead and touch the flower.
I give everyone permission to laugh uncontrollably at those photos. 
OH my gosh. I don't remember EVER smiling with my mouth closed?! WHY couldn't I see that it looked horrible?!?!
Still not attractive, to this day.
Still not finished being awkward though.

 I am fourteen in those two pictures. Not quite as bad...but still. You can't see it but in the second picture I am wearing a shirt that says "America's Next Top Model" bahaha. I feel that it is necessary to put some recent photos...because I don't want to leave you guys with those.

You guys should link up! This is too much fun! :)

8 lovely notes:

Amy said...

YOu have definitely out-grown the awkward stage.
And honestly, i was dying at that picture of harry potter! :)

Megan D said...

Bahaha! OMG! Love the flower photo, though I have to say it's because of your commentary, not the photo itself. And the harry potter photo! HA! Found you via the link-up.

Victoria said...

Love the Harry Potter stage! :) It is absolutely AMAZING what hair does for people...Myself included!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness the Harry Potter photo. I had a boy hair stage too in about 2nd grade but don't have any of those photos at my house. Never a good idea.

Glad we have grown past the strange phases :)

Britt said...

haha...what a great post Jessica! :) I have had that awkward stage as well!! I think you look so pretty in the 14 year old pictures of yourself! You are such a great girl and you are very pretty :) Thanks for posting the pictures and all!!!

Lacey said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Jessica, these were amazing. I love it because now I know there are others out there who were just as awkward as me growing up! Hahaha. The flower/hand in pocket picture CRACKED me up. Which is bad because I'm at work. Hahahaha!

Ah, thanks for making my afternoon :P I don't think I'll have time to post my awkward photos, so I hope Amy does this again!

Kristin @ w/milk and sugar said...

those are some pretty awesome (awkward) pictures! Completely in agreement, with the "terrible twelves"... I've got some pretty ucky pictures from that age!

Rebecca said...

These made me smile! The Harry Potter, I died. That was a fantastic observation.:)