Friday, May 17, 2013

Four Things//Day Seven

1) Life may not turn out like you planned. When you are 18 and fresh out of high school, the world seems to have no limits. Until you go to college. Or you look at the prices of school, a place to live, a car and all other adult expenses. I never would have planned doing what I am doing now, but life turns out like that most times, I think.

2) Stay with your parents as long as you can. Yeah, I went there. If you don't have to pay rent, that's a pretty big chunk of money you can be saving. I lived at home all through college. I was annoyed and unhappy a lot of the time, but it was worth it. I kind of wish I could move back in with them now. I could be traveling SO much more if I had my rent money from each month. But no use in thinking about it now!

3) Don't worry about what others think. Do what is going to make YOU happy! Don't choose a major because someone else wants you to do something. Or even if college isn't in your plan, don't feel pressured to go! You will save a LOT of money and time by not going to college, if your heart is not in it. There are still some jobs out there that don't require degrees.

4) DO NOT EVER, EVER MAKE PLANS AROUND SOMEONE ELSE. Do not expect the same people present in your life right now to be there 5 years from now. You and your friends will both change a LOT in the years to come, it's all a part of growing up. So don't make plans only because of the people around you, because those plans will fall through and you will regret not doing things for yourself.

4 lovely notes:

Lacey said...

Oh, oh! I so agree with all of these. We are identical. Haha! It's like you read my mind, because I would tell seniors these things in a heartbeat. I've experienced them all as well. Especially the saving money thing, hah.

Hope you have a fab day :D

Blake at With Every Beat said...

I agree with the whole making plans thing! It's like when people drop out of college to move back home and be closer to their "boyfriend," but then they end up breaking up a month later. Two of my friends did that and both regret it!

Robin said...

I sort of disagree with #2 because I think that many teens need to start learning responsibility. The "wake-up call" of bills, rent, and deadlines is exactly what some people need!

I definitely agree with #1, #3, and #4.

Rebecca said...

A recently graduated senior, I agree with all of these! I am staying home for a least two years while attending community college. I have struggled with building my life to fit me and no one else, and will work on being more independent financially, and as I study with no set career path. I will keep these in mind Jess, thanks or sharing!:)