Saturday, May 11, 2013

Four Things//Day One

Robin had posted this writing challenge, and I had been wanting to participate. Finally, I am starting it today. Here goes!

On my main blog ( I started a ten-day writing challenge called “Four Things”. Feel free to participate - I only ask that you keep my blog name and URL on the image.
Four Likes:
1) Period dramas. I can NOT resist these. Whether it's Downton Abbey, the Forsyte Saga, Mr. Selfridge, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, or Call the Midwife. I don't have a favorite time period, just the 1950's and before. I love them. of my favorite things EVER. (Could be based on the fact we have no cable in the apartment, but we get PBS. THANK YOU PUBLIC TELEVISION FOR AIRING BRITISH TELEVISION SHOWS.)

2) Coffee. I've shared about my love of coffee before. I'm not a person who can drink it black, but if I put enough cream in it, it's pretty heavenly. I feel like I can't do anything in the morning until I've had coffee. When did I turn into my dad? Oops.

3) Nice people. Well, who doesn't like nice people? Dealing with the public, you meet ALL types. And I do mean all types. Every now and then at work, I just get completely frustrated with people. Give me two bad patients in a row and there goes my day. It's refreshing when I get to talk to someone who is actually polite.
4) The feeling after the gym. I haven't been since Wednesday...ahem. Regardless, it's such an empowering feeling when you are finished with your workout. Before I go, I am all sluggish, and I pretty much have to twist my own arm to get myself there. But it's completely worth it!

Four Dislikes:
1) Carrots. Oh my gosh. I hate them. The taste is mostly what throws me off, because the consistency of cooked carrots isn't bad. But I seriously hate the taste. Gross...

2) When people judge me when I eat healthy. Why are you drinking so much water? Why are you eating greek yogurt, it's GROSS. Why are you eating granola? I know, it sounds fake. But I know some people who actually do this. I want to say, didn't your parents teach you anything? If not about eating healthy (which I understand, that wasn't my parents' priority either), than seriously, how about being polite enough NOT to ask people why they like certain things?
3) People who make assumptions. And act on them. I make assumptions. I think it is a common human mistake...But some people don't have common sense to NOT share those. All of you know, I'm single. I'm twenty one years old. Well, if you haven't dated much and you are my age, people start formulating ideas about you. I've been asked FOUR times by four completely different, unrelated people, if I was gay. Just because I am waiting for the right guy to come along, that makes means I can't be straight? Well, I am NOT gay. I feel ridiculous that I should even have to clarify that. (This isn't a post about gay hate...not trying to get controversial here.)
4) Loud apartment neighbors. My strict childhood taught me manners, perhaps too many. Since we've had an apartment, I have tried ridiculously hard to be quiet. I cringe when I get dishes down from the cabinet and they rattle or anytime I use my laptop for music or watching movies, I ALWAYS wear my headphones. Well, our upstairs neighbor is quite the opposite. I believe he thinks if we can't hear it, it's not loud enough. Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday night, it's a nightclub upstairs. He gets wasted and sings along with classic rock. He sits on his porch with his stereo, inside his apartment, loud enough so he and (basically the entire complex) can hear it. And sing along. The worst was when he sang Werewolves of London. Yikes. We've complained, but nothing has been done. Big shocker...apartment living at it's finest.

Wow, most of my dislikes are people...haha. Excited about the upcoming days in this writing prompt! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

3 lovely notes:

Robin said...

Thank you for participating in this. I am looking forward to reading your answers!

I am shocked that four different people thought you were gay. That's absurd! I don't get a "real" boyfriend (my now-husband) until I was twenty-two. There is nothing wrong with waiting for the right guy. Quality is more important than quantity!

In many areas (I guess it depends on your state, city/town, or county) you can call the police if your neighbor is making too much noise after 10:00 PM or so.

Lacey said...

*gasp* I ADORE period dramas too! My sis just got me hooked on Call the Midwives! I LOVE it!

And oh my gosh I think you are doing pretty good if it's only been three days since you've gone to the gym. You don't even want to know how long its been for me. lol!

This seems fun :) Hope you have a fab weekend! <3

Lacey said...

P.S. I am so sorry people treat you that way about being single. I'm 23 and single and haven't really dated either, but fortunately I haven't had a lot of people giving me crap for it. But I'm sure people think it anyway. Whatever! It really doesn't matter what other people think, if they want to assume things they can. I'm glad you have confidence in Christ and don't let things like that get you down :)