Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good times and no pay May.

I am late posting about two recent events that proved to be fantastic! A) Needtobreathe concert. B) Color run.

My sister and I, with big eyes, at the needtobreathe concert.

Needtobreathe on stage. I love this band SO much. They are so passionate about their music and they really do put on the best show of any band I have seen. Really the only complaint I have is the crowd. People were grinding. How do you even feel appropriate grinding to needtobreathe? Ugh. People...Anyways, I want to encourage you guys to check out Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors. They opened for needtobreathe and they were wonderful!
This is my favorite song by them, What Would I Do Without You?

A couple of weekends ago, we participated in the Whirlwind of Color 5k. It benefited the April 27th, 2011 tornado victims of the local area. The run was SO much fun. It was a fun run and was not timed. I was going pretty slow and steady until these girls ran by, who looked about 7, and one stated "I really should have done some incline on the treadmill!" I was like, nope. I am NOT getting beat by a 7 year old. And I ran a lot harder. Not sure if I beat them, probably not. I didn't see them again. So either I got way ahead of them, or the other way around. There were color stations where people would throw color at you as you ran by, which was the best part.

My sister and I after the run.

Me and one of my best friends, Emily, before we got COMPLETELY covered.

The run was pretty amazing and it was for a great cause, which makes it even better. I now really want to do a legit color run but it's a bit more pricey, and speaking of money...I got pretty behind in my bills last month and it is catching up with me. So I'm trying to spend NO money this month, except to buy gas and necessities like food. I've termed this month "No Pay May." But we stocked up on groceries, so we're trying to eat at home more. It's so hard to not buy things though! Ah. Life is pretty boring when you are broke...Just saying. Have any of you ever done a spending fast? 

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Niken said...

writing about the good times we had really help to ease ourselves when we have a burdened heart.

color fun looks really fun! i'd go to get some colors, but maybe not for the run. ahahaha.

i always forget to download need to breath song. i should write it down so i won't forget it tomorrow.hha

Niken said...

also, i think everyone is struggling financially. and i've done spending fast. every here and there. haha. you're not alone.

Amy said...

I've always wanted to do a color run! so jealous! Hopefully i can do one this winter!
Yay! So glad you got to go to a needtobreathe concert, they're awesome live!

Lacey said...

I am checking out that band you posted and I LOVE them so far! Thanks for sharing... I've been wanting some new music :)

The color run looks so fun. It's definitely on my bucket list!

I've never done an official spending fast, but I really should. I would start today but my sister and I are going shopping. Haha! Maybe tomorrow I'll start! I have to put up a set amount of my paycheck each month to pay for school and the remaining money is divided for bills and other things. I end up with some left for myself but it goes way too fast!

Anonymous said...

I haven't done a spending fast, but would like to try it. My only problem would be understanding that "pizza craving" is not an emergency. :)

Natalie said...

Love NEEDTOBREATH! Will give the other band a listen too!

Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors are a wonderful band! Seriously, they should be a household name!

Jennifer said...

The Whirlwind of Color (not-a-race) 5K was so much fun! I'd love to do another one too.

Stay strong in no pay May!

Morgan said...

I have heard of those cover runs! they look like so much fun!
I loved this post.
and I also like your layout!
I know it has been a minute since I've stopped by your blog!
have a wonderful day!!!!

Kayla Lynn said...

im loving the new look you got here! the color run looks like so much fun :) also, need to breath came on my pandora the other day and i really like them!

PRINCE MB said...

You have a Owe Some ,Pretty look