Wednesday, July 22, 2015

24 Things I've Learned This Year.

Soooo, today is my birthday. The big 24. Not really a huge deal, but one step closer to be 1/4 of 100. Pretty crazy, huh? Well, anyways. Last year, I did one of these posts, summing up a few things I learned over the year. You can check out last year's by clicking here, if ya really want too. These are the things I learned THIS year.
1. People are 98% talk when it comes to making plans. "We will have to grab lunch sometime!" "Let's plan a trip!" People love to throw out these phrases but rarely follow up with them. I'm guilty of this as well, but I'm tired of getting my hopes up for trips and events that never occur. I'm going to try to be more aware of what I say. 

2. Subscription boxes will bleed your wallet dry. They are oh-so-fun, but usually not worth the price tag. At one point this year, I was subscribed to 3 different boxes and spending more than $65/month. I have since canceled all of them and while I do miss finding the boxes on my doorstep, I don't really miss what's inside. 

3. Heartbreak hurts. I've gone through some painful stuff over the past year and while it wasn't fun, I see now that it was necessary. I am not the same naive little girl I was this time last year.

4. For someone who hates procedural crime dramas, I have no problems with Criminal Minds. Perhaps it's Reid's adorable little face?! Or Hotchner's?

5. It's really fun to be brave and try new things. 
Me and Krystle at the Insane Inflatable 5k, something "old me" never would have done!

6. When your sister gets married, you gain a brother. (and if you are lucky, he's really awesome!)

7. Meeting people online isn't as scary as I first thought, if you are smart and careful.

8. Cooking is really fun!

9. Chris Traeger is lit'rally my soulmate. 

10. Sometimes you have to say "No" and you shouldn't feel guilty. I am such a people pleaser but I will gladly say that this year, I've had to stand up for myself. At first I felt guilty and mad at myself, but once I realized I did the right thing, I was proud. 

11. Banana peppers are the bomb diggity. And they can make almost any sandwich much more delicious. Try it with chicken salad. Mmmm.

12. The Ninja Kitchen System is awesome! I got this for my birthday (waay early, but I didn't mind, haha). So far I have used the processor for so many things and it has been fantastic so far! My favorite dish so far was the mashed sweet potatoes. The processor took all the lumps and created a really smooth finish. I have never cared for sweet potatoes but this is definitely a side dish I will make again and again. Also made regular mashed potatoes...almost cried because they were perfect.

13. I go through highs and lows in my relationship with reading. For the last couple of years I have set lofty reading goals and then knocked them out of the park! But this year I have been struggling. I have only read 11 books this year. I ready 53 last year. Whoops.

14. Natural light is KEY in photography. Natural light produces some killer results, people. I love it.

15. Lemon water is basically a cure for all that ails. Okay, that may be a bit much. But I have a new found love for lemon water. It has helped my skin by leaps and bounds AND I have found it to be a cure for headaches. It also is like a natural energy stimulant when you are feeling tired. I'm not gonna lie, it's not like some richly sweet lemonade, so don't go into it comparing it to that. But it definitely dresses up a plain glass of water!

16. Because other people don't want you to be alone is the WORST reason for you to fear being alone. 

17. The ability to speak is a God given gift and we shouldn't waste it with idle gossip or tearing others down. It should be used as an encouragement to others.

18. The first 5 seasons of the Office (U.S.) are incredible. I can't believe I was so late at discovering this show, but I gotta tell you, I love it. I can always count on Michael Scott to cheer me up if I am sad.
How I feel about my dreams.
 How I feel about my dreams.

19. Toby will literally chew through ANY cord. I've gone through 2 sets of speakers and 3 sets of headphones. The little creep is going to electrocute himself eventually.

20. Going for a walk without music can be therapeutic. I have literally gone 23 years without once going for a walk by myself with no music. I did it for the first time this year and found it to be so calming. I spent it talking to God and really assessing things. It also caused me to speak to more strangers.

21. Doing things alone is kinda fun. Hey, you don't have to worry about embarrassing anybody else.

22. Things don't make you happy. They just cause clutter. Possibly one of the most important things I've learned this year. I wish I had figured this out before I was in credit card debt, but it's where I am currently. (I will say that photographic equipment does not fit this. It does make me happy. And one day I might make a dollar from it, so ...)

23. Pale skin is beautiful. I am tired of feeling like I need to be tan in order to be beautiful. Such a ridiculous theory. I'm proud of the skin color I was given and I'm even wearing shorts this summer. That's a big step!

24. Instrumental music makes me sooo happy. Like this one: 

4 lovely notes:

Emerald Dove said...

Happy birthday!!
And great post. It is great to seeing you embracing your paleness - I am quite pale as well so I totally understand. :)

Laura said...

Happy birthday!!!

Jennifer Oliver said...

I love this list!!! You're dang right about subscription boxes. They're fun, but geez, they're also a luxury item, for sure. That was so sweet about your new brother! :) Natural lighting definitely makes for the best photos; I'm constantly amazed by your improving photography. That picture is stunning! And your Michael Scott GIF made me lol.

You've grown up a lot lately, little sissy, and I'm so proud of you. I love you more than banana peppers!

Victoria said...

Your list is golden!!!!

I haven't laid out once this year and my collar bone area is strangely pale compared to the rest of me (my heritage means that any bit of sun I get turns into a tan FAST and when I'm outside I'm usually wearing a tshirt)...Somehow it hasn't really bothered me either! ALSO - your skin is beautiful!!!!

Walking without music is my favorite. I rarely take music along....I just love it that way!

16 and 17 are especially great! I've really been thinking about what it would be like if I truly, truly, didn't care what people thought about my long term life.

I didn't realize lemon water was an energy booster!

That picture of your cat is SO GORGEOUS!!!! The light is pure magic.

I go through the same thing with reading. In June I read a TON of books. In July I put down nearly as many as I started! Ooops! :)

Cooking is A-OKAY!!!! I love it too. :)

You ARE so brave!!!! I'm amazed at all things you've tried!

I've never watched Criminal Minds...What does that say about me?!?!

And...Number 1....Oh, how true that one is! I've always been really careful not to suggest things flippantly. I hate it when other circumstances force me to back out of something, but I never suggest anything that I don't think I'll ACTUALLY be able to do. It's tough and makes me feel a little awkward sometimes, but then, I always feel better about it!