Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simplifying My Wardobe

A few weeks ago, I posted about wanting to simplify my life. You can read that post here. I finally decided I was ready to start making some changes today. Possibly the biggest mess of the things I listed (wardrobe, bedroom, wallet, time, and diet) is my wardrobe. I hold on to everything. Remember that prom t-shirt I bought at the thrift store 6 years ago? The one for the school I didn't go to? The one I bought to wear when I painted my room? Yeah, I still have that one. What's worse, it's hanging up. Taking precious closet space on a hanger. Yep. That's me. Holding onto anything and everything! You never know when you might need an old t-shirt for painting or some crazy craft. But here's the thing. You don't need 14 of them. One ratty t-shirt is enough.

Like the dryer sheet? Keeping things fresh.
So, here's what I did today. I took every single article of clothing from my closet and threw it on my bed. I did the same with my drawers from my chest of drawers. I then went through each and every item of clothing and asked myself these questions:

1. Have you worn this in the last three months? 
2. Is this comfortable or are you constantly adjusting it somehow?
3. Is this in good condition or are there runs, tears, holes present? Yes...I did have clothes that had some of those things present and I was still holding onto it. Go on, judge me.
4. Did you buy this because you wanted and/or needed it or just because it was on sale?
5. Have you been keeping this because you wear it or because of sentimental value?

Believe it or not, I had clothes that I've never worn but felt bad throwing them away because somebody gave them to me, most of these articles being hand-me-downs from someone else! Seriously. So here's the deal-if my answer didn't end up being "Yes" or if I couldn't immediately think of an occasion when I could wear it, it would go in a bag which will be donated to the thrift store.

It's hard to tell from these pictures, but I got rid of a LOT. Seriously. Half of what's left are scrubs.
I had to push back lots of "But I could..." and "I might need..." and just throw in the towel. If I had any doubts, I knew it had to go. I am so guilty of keeping stuff I don't need.
These are hangers of the clothes that didn't make the cut. See? I got rid of a LOT.
I can see my shoes!
I also created a new rule for my closet. NO t-shirts. I now have a drawer specifically for t-shirts, organized between 5k shirts and t-shirts for work. From here, my goal is to not buy any clothes for the rest of August and keep this up until after September. I feel a lot better now because I can actually see what I have and I think this will prevent a few fashion meltdowns in the future! 
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3 lovely notes:

Lacey said...

Wooohoooo!!! Way to go, girl! That is a huge accomplishment, you must feel awesome about it. I love tackling huge tasks like that and totally rocking it like you did. Clothes are a huge issue for me too -- I have guilt over some items in my closet too. I should do exactly what you did and sort through each item. I think another important question to ask is -- do I feel good in this item? I know for me I have some pieces that just make me feel blah and not particularly attractive. I think those pieces should go too.

Anyway, this is AWESOME! I will probably be doing the same when it comes time to get out my winter sweaters!

Jessi Francis said...

Girl, I understand! an organized closet always makes me feel 10 times better about everything!

Amy said...

woohoo! girl you are making it happen!!
i have my "no clothes buying" in august goal and i've stuck with it so far (it has been a little challenging!)