Thursday, August 21, 2014

August in Photos : Week 3

(august 15) My current read, Rebecca. Update: Finished. Awesome book; some bad language, but a suspenseful and interesting read.
(august 16) Sorry for all the cat pics.
(august 17) My bedroom at night. I'm trying to play with taking pics in dark settings. Hoping this will come in handy at the needtobreathe concert next month.
(august 18) Sick selfie. I'm sorry, it's HARD coming up with things to photograph every day!
(august 19) My next read, Three by Ted Dekker. Working on this one. Interesting so far.
(august 20) Another attempt at night photography.
(august 21) New DSLR. Decided to switch form Nikon to Canon. LOVING it so far.

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3 lovely notes:

Laura said...

What dslr did you get??

Lacey said...

I think this is my favorite week so far! I really like all of these ones (even the sick selfie, haha!) That cat pic is seriously soooo cute. I like it cause it's not a typical cat photo. Also your room looks so relaxing! I love the lights. I've heard both Rebecca and Three are good!

Hope you have a good weekend!!

Julia Paige said...

lovely photos! i'm seriously in love with the cat one and the christmas lights in your room. so cute!