Monday, July 21, 2014

23rd Birthday Trip (Picture heavy.)

(I'm just going to ignore the fact I haven't written since April and jump right into this post.)

        Three years ago my sister and I started a new tradition:  we travel for our birthdays. For the third year in a row, I've chosen the beach for my birthday. I posted about those trips to: 21st birthday / 22nd birthday. My birthday isn't actually until tomorrow, but it was more convenient to go for the weekend. Sarah, Jennifer, and I loaded up the car and headed to Pensacola, Florida. The weather wasn't perfect, but we did get to spend some time on the beach. The times filled with torrential downpours were spent in some used bookstores, which are apparently my new weakness. Anyway, here are some pictures from a fantastic weekend! 

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5 lovely notes:

Niken said...

happy birthday, Jess!!!!!
wish you all the best, also it's good to hear from you. i hope you've been having a good time. ah, i wish i live near enough with my sister or my best friend to have such tradition.

Linnea said...

Welcome back. Yay for travel and happy birthday!!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday! :)

It is so crazy looking at this post and looking back at your old posts and knowing exactly where you are! I'm actually moving to Mobile in a couple of weeks! :) :) And I was just in Gulf Shores for my friend's birthday. It's always a fun place for a quick trip or a birthday trip, which is even better!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday (again)! It looks like a fun trip. I love that tradition of travelling for your birthday!

Ariana said...

Hey! I live in Pensacola, and I'm glad you had a great time here! It's a pretty great place :)