Sunday, May 19, 2013

Four Things//Day Nine

Thanks, Robin, for making this available to us single people too! :)

Perhaps I am too picky because it isn't hard at all for me to think of four things he must be! Haha.

1) He must share my faith. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I believe that Christians should marry other Christians. It's hard to change someone, that's all.

2) He must respect his parents and MY parents. If a guy doesn't respect his parents, I say no thanks. I don't want a guy that sleeps in his parents' bedroom floor, but I want a guy that has a good relationship with them! I think that shows maturity.

3) He must have a good sense of humor. I don't like completely serious guys, he should be able to laugh, and be humble enough to laugh at himself too.

4) He must have some idea where his life is headed. I am turned off by guys who are just aimless drifters. He should have a goal and a plan to achieve that goal.

3 lovely notes:

Robin said...

The parents thing can be tricky because there may be reasons why he has a poor relationship with them (abusive history, deceit, negative situations)...each of my parents does not have a happy relationship with one of their parents. It doesn't always mean that the guy is not a good person; it could mean that the parents are not.

And you're welcome. I was the single girl for years; I married my first "real" boyfriend, so I wanted to consider single people. :)

Lacey said...

I agree with all of these!! And I get what Robin means too, because my parents had tumultuous relationships with their parents also... but I think it takes a super duper mature person to respect and love someone despite what they've done in the past. That's a quality I'd look for in a man as well.

Hope your day is lovely, lovely! :)

Jennifer said...

I think these are all very good things.

They say you can tell how a guy will treat you by the way he treats his mother, and I think in a lot of ways that's true. Of course there are sad instances of family abuse and things, but despite what horrible/crappy/irresponsible things they do, they're still your parents, and God has commanded us to honor them. To show respect.

Great post!