Friday, March 1, 2013

Frankly FRUSTRATED Friday.

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What is Frankly Friday? 

Let's define Frankly shall we...
frankly |ˈfra ng klē|adverbin an open, honest, and direct manner
. . .
I want this to be a way for all of us to be open, raw, and transparent with not only each other...but with ourselves. I think we put a lot of stock into the "fear" of what others may think of us...into the "fear" of really putting what's on your heart out there in case someone decides to tear you down.
I'm over the fear & you should be too.
So let's write...whether it's about a situation you're struggling through, a victory you've made, a memory that you can't let go of...anything as long as it's honest.

It's time for another Frankly Friday post! I've been wanting to do another one for a while, but have just never sat down to actually think about what to write. Well, this week I am going to write about how frankly frustrated I am with the generation I live in. I will call today's post FFF: Frankly Frustrated Friday.

     I've mentioned many a time that I feel like I was born in the wrong time period. While there are certainly things I do enjoy about 2013 such as technology and advancements in travel, etc...I still feel like I do not belong. This whole "YOLO" movement? Yeah...SO not me. While the statement "You only live once" is indeed a fact, I am not going to throw on my tiny glittery dress, hit up the club, have countless drinks, and make out with random guys, to prove that I'm satisfied with my life.

I'm aware that that this stereotype doesn't sum up the entire group of young women in our generation, but I feel like it is the "norm". You are considered socially awkward if you aren't comfortable in a party setting...I'm the girl that would rather be at home reading a book with a cup of coffee than out drinking with a bunch of people, and a lot of people want me to believe that's wrong. Well, I refuse!

After watching Pride and Prejudice (the lovely version starring Colin Firth...hello Mr. Darcy...) I realized that perhaps I should have lived in that time. They seemed to have the same standards that I have, maybe even more! You were considered a disgrace if you flaunted yourself or acted unladylike at all. But now, it's the complete opposite. Is there even a such thing as a lady anymore?

       And it doesn't really help that in the last several years, the celebrities that young women look up to went from this:
and this

to this 
and this

It seems as the years have gone by, it's just gotten worse and worse. I agree that women should have equal rights as men, but it seems that women have lost the elegance and class of being LADIES and now we are consumed with being equal to men in each and every way. I for one WANT to be a lady. I want to be delicate, classy, and stylish. I truly hope that one day this conceited, careless woman of today goes out of style and that being a classy and thoughtful woman will be considered a good thing once again. But it's looking doubtful...

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srrraah said...

I agree, women are so busy trying to out-do men that they forget the incredible gift it is to be a woman - a LADY, worthy of respect and care!

Kayla Lynn said...

I soooo agree with you girl! Do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy.

Kimmy said...

Thanks for sharing Jessica! I know how you feel about being born into the wrong time period, I would live to live in Austen time! And I get what you're saying about being a lady. I myself want to be seen as a positive role model for younger girls, not telling them how they must look and behave to be accepted by society :)
Kimmy x

Lacey said...

I knew we were meant to be friends and even more so now that I see you prefer the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice! I don't get those crazies who prefer the Kiera Knightly version, what?? Haha!

Anyway, I LOVED this post. I am so right there with ya. I would rather be at home reading a book or maybe watching a movie with my closest friend or making dinner together. I've never been to a club and very few large parties. I went to a bar once and it was SO obnoxious that I'll never go again, haha! I totally agree though, I much prefer being classy and womanly than showing my body off to everyone and acting like a floozy.

And yeah, I agree about the "equal rights" thing. The funny thing? In a sense, men and women aren't equal. There are things men can do that women can't, and things women can do that men can't. It's in our inherint nature. Personally, I find it insulting for women to try to be like men. I'm happy being a woman and I never want to be anything I'm not! God created me uniquely as a WOMAN and a LADY and that's what I want to be :)

Rambling. Haha. Have a lovely Friday miss Jessica!!!

Amy said...

L.O.V.E.D.!!! This post!!! Seriously!
You are so right on so many different levels. I'm not a party girl, it actually makes me nauseous to go to a "club" and watch people act like complete idiots. It genuinely breaks my heart that people feel that their worth is in how many parties they get invited to, what kind of purse they own, who is on their arm, etc etc.
Preach it!
Also yes when did we go from classy women to trashy women?!

Robin said...

Excellent post!

I am definitely a stay-at-home type, too. I don't see how going out to clubs and looking and acting trashy empowers us women. Women in previous decades could have drinks and go to social gatherings with a sense of class.

This "YOLO" fad is so irritating. People use it as an excuse to be obnoxious and rude.

Laura said...

Bravo!!! I'm standing up and clapping wildly... in my head at least. :)

Stay classy! The world is DESPERATE for classy women.

Also, I love Pride and Prejudice. Let's be friends haha.

Rebecca said...

bless this post and bless you. I share your thoughts completely. I am so happy there are still classy ladies out there who aren't all about getting guys, getting drunk, and everything else. I'd rather stay home too, though I love parties with my youth group, involving Whales, Just Dance, and Christ-like love.:)

Thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog the other day, made me happy!:)

Morgan said...

I am the type of person who would rather stay in too! there ARE still ladies out there, my dear! and believe it or not, there ARE still gentlemen out there! I am with one! He is absolutely incredible, treats me like a queen and highly respects me.
It can be frustrating at times...feeling like you're the only one who doesn't think those things are acceptable, but at least you're standing out of the "norm"! and there is nothing cooler than that!!! ;)
I decided to forget YOLO and start saying HAMA (hakunah Matata)

your blog is cuuuuttteee!
can't wait to read some more posts from you!
have a wonderful weekend pretty lady!


Niken said...

i think i was born in the wrong age too. i mean, i love technology and how it helps to ease our work but still. still. i might not be a feminine girl and there are so many unlady-like moments that i conduct, but one thing that you've pointed out correctly - value. where did it gone???

Meg said...

I totally agree with you. I think that if you don`t go partying you are still a lady. Maybe the one thing I might disagree with you is that you want the lady back, where they are all classy and such. I don`t exactly feel that way. I don`t going places with people as much as my friends do, but I think women have a right to be girly or like sports and we don`t all have to be girly.

Anyways, that is just what I think. I love your blog, by the way! :)

Rosala said...

Yes yes yes! The morality in this age is decreasing- decreasing quickly. Because of our sinfulness, I don't think it'll ever get better. I'm not a pessimist, but really! If there in nothing good in us besides God, all you can expect is bad. One day God will right every wrong, and there are consequences (in this life and the next) for everything we do. I'm choosing not to run with the crowd, but to run to Jesus.

Little Lady said...

I love this post! And I tooooootally agree with you. But I think we can make a difference, by being ladies ourselves, and just acting...well, like we dream of living in 1816. :) The world around us falls apart, but we can continue living like Jesus-lovin' ladies. Stay strong!

Laura Darling said...

Ahh I TOTALLY agree with you! Take me back a few centuries! :)

Natalie said...

Amen! I'm totally with you on this!

Jeanine (Wayfaring Girl) said...

I completely agree with your spot on remarks as well. It's so sad the women role models that girls today have...I still cant quite fathom how within such a short 50-60 years our society/culture has taken such a drastic nose-dive from the way things were?? so sad. But i guess even more so we as classy ladies (right?!) should step up and proudly embrace who God created us to be-uniquely women. Modest, beautiful, full of Him :)

Lauralea said...

Yes! Things are consistently getting worse and worse. It's not fun. :-P