Monday, February 4, 2013

This weekend and other nonsense.

Hi everyone! Well, this is just crazy. It can NOT be February already, can it? I mean, wasn't it just Christmas? Call me crazy, but this year is going by faster than last. This weekend flew by, as they always do. Friday I got a hair cut. I had been toying with the idea of adding some blonde for a while, but I always chicken out. Well, I went for it this time. The result, I thought, was first. Now I can't really decide, but it's not very noticeable, so I guess it will be fine. It's just a streak, really, right in the bangs.
I don't think it's horrible but a little too Cruella DeVille for my taste. It's just hair though, and all will be well. 

On Saturday, my sister and I went shopping in Birmingham, because...BIG NEWS ALERT. We are probably moving out and very soon! We applied for an apartment today! I am so very excited for this opportunity. It is a 2 bedroom/2 FULL bath apartment, all on one level, which means my parents can visit and won't have to climb any stairs or anything. I am beyond excited! Mostly to have my own bathroom...haha. 21 years and I've never had my own bathroom, so it's a big step, right?! If we get the place, you can bet pictures will follow! 

Can I just say, Target has the cutest stuff ever?! I am in love with this coffee cup I bought: 

I decided to take about 40 pictures with it, for no reason at all. Isn't it cute?! I waste a lot of money on coffee mugs, but I just can't drink out of a plain one. That's a lie, I just prefer adorable ones. :) 

Ahem, this post is a lot of thrown together nothingness...much like my weekend. Did everyone know that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) was in the Other Boleyn Girl? Haha. Interesting! 

Ben in Tudor dress - The Other Boleyn Girl.

On that note...did you all have a good weekend?

12 lovely notes:

Robin said...

I hope you get the apartment! Good luck. :)

Kayla Lynn said...

oh how exciting about the apartment, cheers to your new endeavor! i love your coffee mug and i think your hair looks great :)

Blake @ Steady 360 said...

Yay for a new apartment! I was 20 before I had my first bedroom alone! Now I'm 22 and back at my parent's house, and I'm not only sharing a room with my sister, we're sharing a queen sized bed! No privacy whatsoever!

Kristin @ w/milk and sugar said...

How exciting that you and your sister are getting an apartment! it's always so fun to decorate :) And I can't tell that much from the pic, but it looks like the highlight is subtle, I think it looks great!

Jessica said...

Haha, I can imagine! It's hard to have no privacy. I sometimes go sit in my car just to be alone... My sister moved back home after being away at college, and it was quite an adjustment at first. I am looking forward to having my own space!

Lydia said...

Haha! I love the Cruella De Ville song. Also, that really is a wonderful mug.

Jessica Jean-Marie said...

For starters, your hair is adorable & I'm actually liking the streak ;) Two, I'm the same way with mugs! I collect them & probably have way more than any person should. It's so funny you mentioned Sherlock. My neice is obsessed with it, so G & I started watching last week. We're hooked now.

P.S. Good luck on the move! Sounds exciting :)

Lacey said...

Your hair is adorable!!!!! Blonde is the way to go, though I may be a little biased :P Haha. But your natural color is gorgeous too. You are just gorgeous period! lol.

OH MY GOSH I am so excited for you and your sis!!!!!!!! I am *hopefully* moving out much later this year with a best friend of mine, I can only imagine how awesome its going to be. I so hope it works out for you! What an adventure.

I totally get you on the mug thing. Who wants to eat out of ugly plain ones when you can get such cute ones?! I have to restrain myself from going to the mug section in different stores because we have so many already and there are allllways new cute ones I want, haha.

I've never watched Sherlock OR the Other Boleyn Girl. I read the book (Sherlock Holmes and the Boleyn book)... didn't care for the Boleyn book so I never made a point of watching the movie. Sherlock does look good but I watch so much TV already! I'll probably check it out some day though.

Amy said...

eeekkk!! i love the blonde streak! SO FUN
AND WHHHAAAATTT moving out?! so exciting can't wait to hear more!

Autumn said...

I think your hair looks really cute. I can see the subtle blonde streak!

Also, way exciting about having your own bathroom. I didn't have my own bathroom until we moved here and I am loving it!

Linnea said...

I love your hair! The color looks great. Yay for moving-I hope it works out!!

Rosala said...

I chicken out with hair dying too. Ha! Maybe one day, but I like the color of my hair. I'm always amazed at how Target can come out with cute things NONSTOP! Like, it's impossible for them to cease with the cutest.