Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Qui's Blog Party - Day 2!

1.) Where you live, how hot does it normally get in the summer? About 100 degrees. It is pretty ridiculous around here.
2.) What is your favorite way of staying cool? Staying in the pool!
3.) Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream.Chocolate! Yum.
4.) What do you do when it's raining in the summer? Stay inside and watch movies or TV.
5.) Does your house have AC? Definitely! I take it for granted, but it is such an amazing invention. :)
6.) Heat or cold? I prefer cold! I am a winter kinda girl.
7.) Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces? (Bathing suits)I own atleast one of each, but I prefer to wear a one piece.
8.) Beach or pool? Beach.
9.) Can you swim? I only dog paddle.
10.) Summer movie you cannot wait for? Harry Potter! Oh, how long I've been waiting! :)

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Ali Holmes said...

Hey you entered my giveaway! And you won a prize so you have 3 days to respond or sadly I will have to pick a new winner!