Monday, June 6, 2011

Dancing Through Life's Blog Party!

Congrats on making 100 followers, Qui! That's definitely something to be excited about! :)

1.) What do you love most about summer? Usually, it's being out of school, but since that isn't the case this year...I guess it's the longer days. I like it still being kind of bright in the evening.
2.) Where do you spend the majority of your summer? Probably at a friend's pool! Haha. Or inside...It's too hot to do anything else in Bama!
3.) Do you and your family have a special vacation place that you go every year? Usually, it's Gulf Shores, favorite beach!
4.) What do your sunglasses look like? They are pretty much gray aviators.
5.) Sandals, barefeet, flipflops, or other? Flipflops!
6.) Tan, deathly pale, very dark, etc? I am DEATHLY pale...haha.
7.) Do you try to tan? I do try, but usually don't succeed. I freckle.
8.) Do you sunburn very easily? Yes! Very easily.
9.) When is the last time you got a sunburn? Saturday, actually. I look like a lobster. :(
10.) Sand! Like or dislike? I love sand at the beach...But anywhere else (in my shoes, in the car, in my bag) is annoying.
11.) Ice-cream pops or Freeze-pops (or otter-pops)? Freeze pops all the waaaay!

1 lovely notes:

Qui said...

Whooo, Alabama!! I have lots of family there!
Thanks for linking up. :)