Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Male Duos

No. This is not a "5 Couples I Wish Were Gay" thing...just my favorite male duos.

#5 - Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey (White Collar)What is better than a good cop befriending a brilliant criminal? Not much...I love the chemistry between these two completely different characters. Their friendship is what really holds this show together.

#4 - John Dorian (JD) and Christopher Turk (Scrubs)Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear? Classic! These two fellows sharing their "guy love" is definitely one of the main reasons I kept watching Scrubs until it's final episode.

#3 - Shawn Spencer and Burton (Gus) Guster (Psych)Whether it's Shawn's witty nicknames for Gus or Gus' refusal to cater to Shawn's every whim, their relationship is pretty epic. No matter what, these boys will do anything for the other. It's a very sweet friendship. Although, sometimes, I must admit - I wonder why Gus puts up with Shawn...

#2 - Gregory House and James Wilson (House)Wilson is the only person on the entire planet that even considers House a friend and I think it is a safe bet that Wilson is the only person House would consider a friend. House always owes Wilson money, always tries to break up Wilson's relationships, and ALWAYS eats Wilson's food. But for some reason Wilson endures this and remains friends with House. Wow, when you look at it like that...what is in that friendship for Wilson?!


#1 - Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)Man. What can you really say about these boys? They are willing to sacrifice their lives to save each other...all the freakin' time. They will do whatever it takes to keep the other alive and safe. Whether it is Sam refusing to give up on helping Dean out of his deal, or Dean sacrificing his life to save Sam's. It seems that these two hunting bros are always dying and coming back to life thanks to each other.

Honorable Mentions - Frasier and Niles Crane (Frasier), Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter), Andrew Brown and Harold Abbott (Everwood), and Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (Harry Potter).

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