Monday, December 8, 2014


Ahh, December. You are one of my favorite months, second only to October. You bring with you the arrival of winter. Your short blustery days fill me with peace and creativity. Bright lights fill your dark skies, announcing the one day we look forward to all year-long is finally approaching. We welcome your cold mornings with warm drinks. Your cold afternoons, I also welcome with warm drinks and good books. That's another thing I like about you, you give me excuses for overindulging myself in coffee and cocoa. You cause the trees to be a little bare, but it only makes us appreciate their new coats in the spring so much more. Some may complain your short days are bleak and frigid, but I find you rather cozy and enchanting - promising another beautiful season to follow.
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Hannah Justina said...

Any month that give you another excuse for more coffee is a good one. ;)