Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four More Things - Day Three

I'm a little behind, but that's okay. It's insanely hard for me to pick four blogs because I have a TON of favorites. But here are four of my very favorites

1. Life is for Living // Okay, so this is my sister so I'm biased! =) But she is chronicling the life changes she has been working so hard to make. I'm so proud of who she is and where she is going in life! 

2. A Thinking Place // I feel like Lacey is our long lost sister...Like my parents actually had three children but forgot to mention one of them lives in California. We have so very much in common! She is a very funny and sweet person. I love her blog!

3. A Rose with Happiness // Rosala has a really cool name, so there's cool points already. I've especially enjoyed reading her blog and looking at her beautiful pictures from her summer spent in Hawaii! You should definitely check it out!

4. Encouragement for Everyday Struggles // Britt is such an awesome person. Anytime I visit her blog, I feel like the her posts were meant just for me! It's like every post is related to just what I am going through. And who doesn't need a little encouragement sometimes? 

7 lovely notes:

Robin said...

You're not behind...I wanted this to be an at-your-own-pace challenge. :)

Britt said... are so sweet!! thanks for mentioning my blog!!! your blog is one of my favorites too! :) Thanks for brightening my day!!

Lacey said...

What Britt said! I am so flattered. I adore your blog too! My day is made now :D

Lacey said...

Haha and I totally agree about the long lost sister thing... maybe my parents are the ones who had two more daughters and didn't tell me :P

Jessica said...

Britt, you are so welcome! And thank you!! :) You have been such an encouragement to me ever since I found your blog!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shout-out, sister!!! And those are all great blogs. (And lol, yes, I'm thinking Lacey is at least secretly our cousin!)

Amy said...

I will definitely have to check out these blogs! :)