Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Bucket List so far...

Today I was feeling nostalgic and reading my old blog posts and stumbled across my bucket list! It was a nice surprise because I was able to mark a few items off the list! I thought I would do an update of my bucket list in pictures, to show what I've accomplished and done that I wanted to do.

03. Visit the Biltmore Estate:
On May 18th of this year, I was able to mark this off my bucket list. I have wanted to go the Biltmore for years and just never had the free time and money at the same time to go! This was a wonderful experience. The estate and surrounding area is absolutely breathtaking.

04. Ask a guy out on a date:
Ahem, the request was to ask a guy out. It didn't have to be accepted. I've done this twice, rejected both times. Ouch! But it was to ask a guy out, and that I did. I won't go into the depressing details!

13. Graduate college: 
 I apologize about the crazy demon looking eyes. On April 30th of this year, I graduated the x-ray program. On May 14th I passed my registry and now I'm all official, Jessica Bain RT(R)!

27. Relient K concert:
 In August of 2010, my great friend Sarah paid for me to see Relient K in concert for my birthday. It was amazing. I have loved RK for many, many years. It was seriously a dream come true to see them so close. I'll never forget that day!

29. Go to a wax museum:
Also August of 2010, my family went to Gatlinburg. While there, my sister and I visited the Hollywood Wax Museum. That was the highlight of the trip. It was so much fun!

30. Get a job outside the hospital:
This was a recent addition to the list. I've known for a while that I wanted to leave the hospital setting, and now I finally have the opportunity!

31. Buy a DSLR camera:

I have been wanting one of these forever,and I finally got my Nikon last month. I am absolutely loving it so far!

I can't wait to mark through more things on my list! Do any of you have a bucket list?

2 lovely notes:

Kait said...

Buying a DSLR is on my list too! If only I wasn't always so poor. haha. Someday it will happen.

Jessica said...

Definitely! :) It took me a couple of years to afford it, but when you get it, it's worth it!