Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boys, boys, boys.

I go through these phases where I'm perfectly fine being alone. I'm so busy with work and school that I can barely have a social life as it is, I certainly don't have time for a boyfriend. I understand that, I can accept that, and I guess that's just the way it is for now. But with 90% of the people my age (if not more) being in a relationship, engaged, or even married, I have never felt so alone! I guess it's not a bad thing, being single. It should allow me time to focus on God, school, future plans...etc. Yet, I waste so much time thinking about and wondering if I will EVER get a boyfriend! Haha, it sounds extremely pathetic when it is said like that. They say it happens when you least expect it, but I am always expecting it. I have bigger things to worry about at the moment, but still. If I can meet one nice guy that I have anything in common with that is not engaged, I'll be good. K, thanks.

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