Friday, April 1, 2011


I came to a conclusion about myself last night. You know how everyone I've ever met enjoys telling me exactly how "sheltered" I am, just because I haven't seen every movie that they like? Well, I've always just believed them and gone on and said "Yeah...I am pretty sheltered." But now, while talking to some of my "friends" from school, I realized I was the only one out of 6 girls younger than 30 to have seen Gone With the Wind. Uh, yeah? Really? I'm the sheltered one? So what if I have only seen the first Twilight, I don't watch Jersey Shore or Teen Mom. I have absolutely nothing in common with these people when it comes to entertainment, so they assume I am sheltered. But I'm guessing I've seen a load of movies they haven't seen. I've stated it at least a hundred times-I LOVE old movies. Give me the choice of seeing some new horror movie in 3-D or staying at home and watching an Alfred Hitchcock, and I'd choose the latter every single time. Anyway, long story short...I wouldn't say I am sheltered, because it isn't my parents keeping me from watching what everyone else is, it's just where my personal interests lie. I may like old people stuff, but it's what I like, so leave me alone.


4 lovely notes:

Jillian said...

I agree. And actually, I'd prefer to be sheltered and more cultured.

Jessica said...

Good point. I would much rather be that way as well!

Jenny said...

I'll never understand why people around here bash you for having refined tastes. You should be able to be who you are without making apologies.

Utterly ridiculous.

Yelena said...

I completely agree with you. and to go beyond entertainment, I personally am not into things like hard core partying and drinking and dating - all things that most college students do for entertainment, and although some chose to tease me about it and refer to me as sheltered as well, I really don't mind. I like my lifestyle and see nothing fulfilling about glorifying the lifestyles of teen mom or jersey shore - because let's face it, where are those people's lives headed? pregnant at 15, or being known for excessive drinking and sex and partying? it's really quite revolting! :)