Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last night, a group of high school friends and I went out to eat for dinner. (I feel like my parents, referring to people as "my old friends from high school.") A lot of these people, I had not hung out with since 2007, but for some reason I was not expecting change. I still feel like the awkward 15 year old girl with braces and fake Birkenstock shoes. I know I have changed, but I feel exactly the same. Some people have changed for the better, at college and remaining goal oriented, while others have changed for the worse. But regardless, everyone has grown up. I'll admit I was a bit sad to see that everyone was different, but is that not what time does to people?

It was wonderful to reminisce about the pointless PE class we took in 05-06 or just discussing "where are they now?" regarding our old classmates.

Anyway, I had a great time with friends that greatly impacted my life at one point or another, and I will never forget them.

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