Sunday, June 28, 2009

So...I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I was born in the wrong time period. I'm not really sure, but as I get older I seem to appreciate things of the past much more than things of the present. Like old movies, for example. I've become quite obsessed with old movies, and now I am very disinterested in new ones. They are all ideas that have been written about 120 different times..and I just find that boring. I wish I lived in a simpler time.

Does that make me crazy?

2 lovely notes:

Rupert Alistair said...

I've always felt that way too, so I know what you mean. You might like to check out my blog on classic movies.

Niken said...

I feel that way too sometimes. the past fascinates me more than the future. i love old movies and i do think i have an old soul inside of me. no, i don't think you're crazy